Welcome UE Interns

We are excited to welcome Kaitlyn, Jessica, Paul, and Bradley to our office!  They are our Spring interns from the University of Evansville.

They will be working closely with us to receive hands-on training in the field of archives and records management. Their primary focus will be assisting in the inventory and cataloging process our records books, a task which hasn’t been done since the rushed relocation a decade or so ago to the current storage location.  They will also be assisting in the completion of a condition evaluation of our books to identify problem areas.   Many of our books must be maintained permanently, according to state statute, making proper preservation storage important.

Having a complete catalog of our records will help us answer requests for records more quickly and completely.  It will also help us better serve scholars, genealogists, and members of the public who are researching local and personal history by allowing us to create research aids showing the record types and years we have available.

We can’t wait to get started!