Found in the Archives- Negley’s Mill

The records found in our archives have many uses.  They are used by those with Court business, genealogists and family history researchers, and historians.  They also serve an important purpose as a resource for our fellow employees in offices county-wide.  Today we were able to help our colleagues in the Department of Metropolitan Development research a specific location on a subject of interest to our neighborhood associations.  This piece of land was a hot property and found itself at the center of a land dispute in Circuit Court in 1855.  Hidden in the Court Order Book from that period, which tells us what happened in Court each day, is this gem that illustrates the parcel of land in question.  Note that the map is in color and the care someone took with the details of the buildings and the bend of the creek.

1855 Negley's Mill 2

1855 Negley's mill 1

Circuit Court, 1855

Circuit Court, 1855

The map is of the area where Negley’s mill stood.

Here is that area today:

Negley's Mill Area Today

“Negley’s mill in those days was a regular Mecca, or rather a Jerusalem of trade and exchange, in flour, meal, bran and grain of all kinds, embracing the patronage from a territory of thirty or forty miles around. The farmers, on certain days of the week (called grinding days at the mill), could be seen with their horses and wagons and ox-teams, like a caravan crossing the plains, all headed for Negley’s mill.

Negley’s mill was, too, a sort of trysting place for the farm lads and lassies, for the girls frequently accompanied their papas and big brothers to the mill, and many’s the little courtship and little scandal that grew out of these meetings of country lovers.”

Excerpt from the ebook version of:
Elliot, Joseph Peter. A History of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana: A Complete and Concise Account from the Earliest Times to the Present, Embracing Reminiscences of the Pioneers and Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Have Been Leaders in Commercial and Other Ente. Evansville, Indiana: Keller Print Company, 1897. Pp 93-97.


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