1819 Grand Jury Listing

This week’s highlighted piece of history is an 1819 Sheriff’s summons for a Grand Jury.  This is one of the oldest documents in the Clerk’s Archives.

The summons is dated before Evansville incorporated, which didn’t happen until March 1, 1819.  During the vote for incorporation, the town had 29 voting citizens.

January 12, 1819

Grand Jury List

Grand Jury Sheriff’s Summons

Text of the summons reads:
Words in brackets are the staff’s best guess.

State of Indiana
Vanderburgh County

To the Sherriff of Vanderburgh County

We command you that you summons

Eli Sherwood
Elisha [Satterere]
Absalom Vann
Thomas Martin
Alonson Warner
John Beech
[Jofse] Harrison
James Glover
George Sprinkle
John [Berkett]
George Parker
William Greathouse
Henry James
Edward Hill
John Warren
Jeffery Saunders
Parker Hydolett

To appear before the judges of our said circuit court to be held at the house of Hugh McGary in the town of Evansville on the 4th Monday in February next and then and their to serve as grand jurors for and during said term here in you will not otherwise fail under the penalty of $100 dollars.

Hugh McGary
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Evansville
January 12, 1819


One thought on “1819 Grand Jury Listing

  1. Beautiful document!

    Comparing the handwriting throughout the document, I think I can help with a couple of these names:

    Elisha [Satterere] – Satterteen (note the third “t” being crossed)
    [Jofse] Harrison – Jesse Henson (often “fs” was used to signify a double-s)
    James Glover – Stover (compare to the “S” in Satterteen)

    Hopefully this helps someone locate their long lost ancestor! Keep up the good work!



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