1824 Election

We are continuing to review what was found in our recent discovery of historic documents dating between 1818 and 1840.

This document compiles election results from August 1824 election for the offices of state representative, clerk, sheriff, recorder, associate judges, and coroner.

This document is distinctive from others it is with because multiple sheets of paper are sewn together to create an oversize document.

1824 county, state, federal elction

Happy holidays from the Clerk’s Archives!


1818 Road Authorization

While begining to work on the documents found in our recent new discovery, we came across this authorization for a road near Pigeon Creek.  It is dated 1818 and also lists the men who were tasked to inspect the road.  This signals the development of our county’s infrastructure.  It is also signed by county founder and the very first Vanderburgh County Clerk, Hugh McGary.


1818 Road Authorization

New Discoveries

While working on another project recently, Archives staff found two metal tins filled with some of the oldest documents we have seen so far.  These documents date from 1818-1840, though most are in the earlier years from 1818-1825.

historic county documents in tins1

We look forward to processing these documents and seeing what treasures they hold!

Early Marriage Records

This is the week for updates.

The Collections Held section of the official Clerk’s Website now contains information for those searching for early marriage records filed in Vanderburgh County.

It lists what record types we have as well as the year range of each record type.  There is also a brief description of what type of information each record type collects.  Additional descriptions will be added in the future as work on this project continues.

Happy searching!