Archives Awarded VCHS Grant

The Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Archives is pleased to announce that we have received a $500 grant from the Vanderburgh County Historical Society to process and rehouse a collection of the our county’s earliest court documents.  Over 600 documents dating back to the county’s earliest days in 1818 were recently uncovered as part of an ongoing inventory project.  Tucked away in small metal tins inside of a cardboard box labeled miscellaneous the yellowed pages document the development of county infrastructure and government.  Documents of note include bonds for lots dated May 1818, estate records for early settlers, oaths of office for the first county commissioners, appointment of aptly named prosecuting attorneys (John Law), elections for sheriff and justices of the peace, authorization for roads, and summons for the county’s first grand jury.  The Clerk’s Archives hope to digitize and microfilm these documents as part of a future project and looks forward to future discoveries brought to light.

The Vanderburgh County Historical Society is a membership organization that promotes the study and appreciate of our local history.  It sponsors regular programs on our area’s history and underwrites projects that are important to the story of Vanderburgh County.  The Society supports the publication of history through its web-site and with its program of occasional publications.  The Society was excited to help underwrite the expenses involved with proper archival storage of the early documents of Vanderburgh County–with an eye towards having these available for the county’s bicentennial in 2018.

Learn more about the Vanderburgh County Historical Society.


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