Story of Isaac Knight

1844 Isaac Knight Marriage Affidavit

Today’s work on the Inventory Project turned up a marriage affidavit involving the consent of Isaac and Anna Knight for the marriage of their daughter, Mary Ann Knight, in April of 1844.

Isaac Knight (1780-1856) is an interesting historical figure in Vanderburgh County.  He gained his fame as a child when he was taken captive in an attack by Pottawattamie and Kickapoo Native Americans tribes along with three of his friends.  Two other boys were killed in the attack.  As an adult, Knight moved to Vanderburgh County and established his home in the area that would be named after him- Knight Township.  Knight’s name can also be seen on the ballots for various offices in early local elections.

You can see a historical monument memorializing him at the corner of Lincoln  Ave and Green River Rd.


Isaac Knight Memorial

For more details, see this article, Captive Journey, by Kelley Coures as published in Evansville Living Magazine.

Check out a full account of Isaac Knight’s account of his captivity as published in 1839 below.

*Users are warned that historic content in this account may contain language or views which, reflecting the authors’ attitudes or that of the period in which the item was written, may be considered to be inappropriate or offensive today.

A narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Isaac Knight from Indian barbarity : giving an account of the cruel treatment he received from the savages while afflicted with the smallpox ; his escape and joyful return after enduring the hardships of an Indian prisoner, during two years and six months as told by Isaac Knight and written at his request by Hiram A Hunter.





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