1912 “The Negro Press”

Check out this week’s discovery!  Found in a shuck related to a libel case from 1912, this article came from one of Evansville’s African American newspapers, The Negro Press.

Elvira Roach sued for $10,000 in damages, almost a quarter of a million dollars in today’s money, over a dispute in the women’s auxiliary of the Knights of Pythias.  She claimed an group of women conspired to slander her good name with the article below.

1912 Rousey Case


1917 Map of Evansville

We have been exploring our World War I era records (1914-1918) in honor the 100th commemoration of the U.S. entry into the war.  Unique local pieces from that period keep popping up.  Check out this large map of Evansville from 1917!  It is in remarkably good shape.

1917 Evansville Era Large Map