Saving a 1917 Map of Evansville

Archives staff have been hard at work attempting to save a 100 year old map of Evansville.  The map below had been folded 8 times and placed in an envelope for much of that time.  The blue bin in the photo serves as a re-hydration chamber used to get moisture back into this brittle document.  Once it  was able to be opened without tearing, we used the weights on top of the blue bin to help flatten the map over the period of a week.  Today, we are repairing the rips and tears that are ever present in a map this old.  It is coming along nicely!  Look for it this fall at the Evansville Museum of Art, History, and Science. 

2017 1917 Map Restoration

Working to flatten and repair a 100 year old map of Evansville

2017 1917 Map Restoration Jacob

Archives Assistant Jacob reinforcing weak spots in the 1917 Evansville Map